[nmglug] Jdupes and cleaning up my hard drives

Art Barnes art at pin2.io
Tue Aug 17 18:35:00 PDT 2021

My old Intel NUC is still in a state of non-workingness, but this week I’ve been doing a bit of clean-up on my external drives which have multiplied over the years. I’ve been using jdupes for hunting down duplicate copies of my photos library, music library, reports etc. and it works pretty well. It only catches binary identical files though, so it won’t catch similar images or even identical images but with changes to the file header.

Jdupes page here: https://github.com/jbruchon/jdupes <https://github.com/jbruchon/jdupes>

By default jdupes prints groups of duplicate files to stdout with each file separated by a single newline and groups separated by a pair of newlines. It’s not terribly useful by itself so usually it’s necessary to pass the output to some script. I wrote a short python script to delete all duplicates in the 2nd folder passed to it which are present in the 1st folder. I’m always worried about deleting everything by accident so my python script actually just writes out a shell script which then does the deleting. 

Script here: https://github.com/akbarnes/jdupes-helper <https://github.com/akbarnes/jdupes-helper>

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