[nmglug] Jdupes and cleaning up my hard drives

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 09:55:33 PDT 2021

Art & NMGLugers. What OS on the NUC that failed? No recovery media? No way
to boot live and look in? You do have some access as you are de-duplicating
some files. What was the last working situation(OS. file system, etc)?
Might be interesting. Thank you, Ted P

On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 7:35 PM Art Barnes <art at pin2.io> wrote:

> My old Intel NUC is still in a state of non-workingness, but this week
> I’ve been doing a bit of clean-up on my external drives which have
> multiplied over the years. I’ve been using jdupes for hunting down
> duplicate copies of my photos library, music library, reports etc. and it
> works pretty well. It only catches binary identical files though, so it
> won’t catch similar images or even identical images but with changes to the
> file header.
> Jdupes page here: https://github.com/jbruchon/jdupes
> By default jdupes prints groups of duplicate files to stdout with each
> file separated by a single newline and groups separated by a pair of
> newlines. It’s not terribly useful by itself so usually it’s necessary to
> pass the output to some script. I wrote a short python script to delete all
> duplicates in the 2nd folder passed to it which are present in the 1st
> folder. I’m always worried about deleting everything by accident so my
> python script actually just writes out a shell script which then does the
> deleting.
> Script here: https://github.com/akbarnes/jdupes-helper
> -Art
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